“May will need to make a choice between diesel cars or people’s lives”

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18 July, 2016

London, Greenpeace, in partnership with the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), today released Lethal and Illegal (1), new air pollution research based on modelling from King’s College, that shows clean air will be a reality only if diesel vehicles are phased out altogether. The paper will be presented today at City Hall at an event attended by Deputy Mayor for Transport, Val Shawcross, and representatives from the Royal College of Physicians and businesses.

New modelling based on transport emissions and air pollution data undertaken by King’s College as part of this project reveals that, even if London were to return to the lowest recorded level of diesel car ownership in the UK (around 10% of the car fleet in 1995), it would still not reach compliance with World Health Organisation guidelines and UK law by 2025.

Clone of Global campaigns

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Greenpeace is an international organisation, working across the globe on several priority campaigns. As well as the campaigns we're currently focusing on in the UK - climate change, protecting forests, defending oceans, and working for peace - other Greenpeace offices continue to work on challenging nuclear power, promoting sustainable agriculture and eliminating toxic chemicals.

Challenging nuclear power

Greenpeace has always fought - and will continue to fight - vigorously against nuclear power because it is an unacceptable risk to the environment and to humanity. The only solution is to halt the expansion of all nuclear power, and for the shutdown of existing plants.

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Stop the Croydon Incinerator Judicial Review
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11 photos that sum up 2013

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When six women climbed the Shard everyone knew it was a landmark moment. Two months later 3000 people walked with the world's largest polar bear to Shell's headquarters. Three days after that 28 peaceful activists and two journalists were arrested at gunpoint. We were practically tripping over the landmark moments in 2013.

Balcombe Fracking Protesters Stop Cuadrilla in their tracks

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