How to take part in the South Downs fracking consultation

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If you live in (or near) the South Downs and care about how fracking could impact the area, here's a guide to how you can take part in the latest public consultation. Read on for a step by step guide and a few talking points. And importantly please remember to have your comments sent in by 5PM on Thursday 22 May, as that's when the consultation closes.

Shock: 3/4 British people want fracking companies to ask before tunnelling underneath their homes.

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Last month we found out that the government is cooking up plans to strip homeowners and tenants of their legal right to deny permission to companies that want to frack directly underneath their property. If every English person’s home is their castle, then government ministers are currently digging a tunnel underneath the ramparts to let the frackers in.

Democracy in direct action

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Caroline Lucas winning her seat in Parliament
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Winning in Brighton & Hove

Here is the news. Caroline Lucas has been acquitted of all charges relating to participating in a peaceful protest against fracking in Balcombe. I am happy.

Lucas MP's acquittal a victory for ordinary people opposing fracking – Greenpeace

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17 April, 2014

Commenting on Caroline Lucas MP being cleared of all charges following a high-profile anti-fracking protest at Balcombe last year, Greenpeace UK Executive Director John Sauven said:

17 April, 2014


“This verdict is a victory for the right to peaceful protest but more importantly for Britain’s growing movement of ordinary people opposing fracking.

“Caroline Lucas had the guts to stand up for what she believes in. In the age of expense scandals and ‘cab for hire’ politicians, an MP ready to put her neck on the line is a refreshing sight.