From Sussex to Spain, crossing borders to fight fracking

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In this guest blog, Kathryn McWhirter from No Fracking in Balcombe Society, explains how communities across Europe are united behind a common cause -- keeping fracking firms at bay.

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MPs have given the thumbs up to fracking - but this one's far from over

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Our petition asking MPs to say no to fracking under homes reached 361,736 signat
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Our petition asking MPs to say no to fracking under homes reached 361,736 signatures

Yesterday, after much wrangling, the Infrastructure Bill was approved by MPs. The government had designed this new legislation to be the fracker’s charter. But it has now emerged in a rather different form than Mr Cameron and the fracking industry planned when they first concocted their irresponsible wishlist to help them frack across the UK.

Our petition asking MPs to say no to fracking under homes reached 361,736 signat

Half of Lancashire residents worry about fracking impact on house values

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22 December, 2014

Three quarters of Lancashire residents oppose ministers' plans to allow energy firms to frack under people’s homes whilst almost half of them are worried about the impact of shale drilling on house prices, a new survey shows.

The findings are published today as some Fylde residents living close to Cuadrilla’s potential drilling sites in the area have come forward claiming shale gas developments have already affected the value of their homes and put off potential buyers and tenants.

The poll results, which form the second part of a survey by leading marketing research agency Redshift for Greenpeace UK, show nearly half (45%) of the 500 Lancashire residents interviewed are worried about the impact of fracking on house prices, with one in five (21%) saying they are very concerned.

Two thirds of Lancashire people want fracking moratorium, poll shows

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Lancashire voters three times more likely to vote for anti-shale candidates

26 November, 2014

The overwhelming majority of people in Lancashire want a moratorium on fracking until more research is available on the impacts of the controversial industry, with many shale sceptics ready to take their opposition to the ballot box, a new survey shows.

The fresh poll of 500 Lancashire residents released today shows nearly two thirds (63%) are in favour of a fracking ban, with an even stronger majority (69%) saying more time should be allowed for a public debate to take place before planning authorities decide on drilling licences.

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Fracking consultation: Greenpeace solicitor's letter

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Government survey demolishes industry claims of widespread support for fracking

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12 August, 2014

Claims by the fracking industry that shale drilling enjoys widespread public backing in Britain have been dealt a blow today as a fresh government survey showed less than a quarter (24%) of the UK public support shale drilling. 

The latest figures from the Department for Energy and Climate Change 'Public Attitudes Tracker' published today show public endorsement for fracking dropped 5 points from 29% back in March.

The findings are widely at odds with the results of a survey published by UK Onshore Oil and Gas - the lobby body for the fracking industry - on Monday, which put public support for shale drilling at a wildly optimistic 57%.  

Commenting on the survey published today, Greenpeace UK chief scientist Dr Doug Parr said: