We have volunteer groups all over the UK and around the world who support Greenpeace by campaigning locally on national and global issues; organising fundraising events, meeting with their MPs, conducting product surveys or spreading our message on social media. You don't need special skills to get involved, just enthusiasm. Join a local Greenpeace group now

If there is no local group near you, there are other ways you can get involved.

Current campaigns

Stop HSBC funding forest destruction!

HSBC is funding palm oil companies that are destroying Indonesia's rainforests. Volunteers and local groups in the UK are campaigning to stop this. Join them!

Featured Greenwire content

HSBC exposed in Camden

What do HSBC customers think of them funding palm oil companies that are destroying Indonesia's rainforests? Watch this video to find out.

My reasons for getting involved with Greenpeace

New volunteer Andrew explains what inspired him to get involved with Greenpeace. Perhaps he'll inspire you too!
Aerial view of the MV Esperanza in the Pacific ocean

Esperanza upon Thames

When the Esperanza visited London in November, we invited some local group volunteers for a tour of the ship. Read Anna's blog about her visit here.

Let's do it now... before it's too late!

Two Londoners with a hangover explain why they got up early on a cold, wet, Saturday morning to support Greenpeace instead of staying in bed... Watch their short video diary.

BP or not BP, that is the question.

A dazzling sea of singing merfolk and swashbuckling pirates wielding their swords is not quite what you'd expect on a trip to the British Museum. Find out why they were there by reading Rachel's blog

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