Rebranding Adidas to Detox our Water

Posted by Eoin D — 19 August 2011 at 2:02pm - Comments
Greenpeace activists hang up two banners at Adidas Outlet store in Helsinki, rea
All rights reserved. Credit: ©Matti Snellman/ Greenpeace
Greenpeace activists hang up banners at Adidas store in Helsinki

Within hours of Nike's announcement on 18 August to champion a toxic-free future, Greenpeace activists in cities around the world headed to their nearest Adidas store with huge Detox stickers to rebrand the shop windows and doors.

Nike has joined first-mover Puma, but Adidas is still stuck in the starting blocks.

Photos from this morning's rebranding actions are still coming in, and if you pass an Adidas store today you might see our stickers in the window!

Beau, a Greenpeace campaigner from south-east Asia mailed me some photos from Manila this morning and wrote: "Three volunteers dressed in bright orange coveralls gave them the appearance of professional work crew so even security did not bother them. They calmly attached the sticker panels to the shop window and then left. Some of us stayed around the mall area to see what the reaction would be. Half an hour after the store opened, the store personnel still did not notice it. Now we are betting how many days it will take for them to notice that they have a new brand."

Take action online

You can browse our Rebranding Adidas map below, or head straight to Google Maps to find an official Adidas store near you. Remember, only official Adidas stores! Click the map marker for the store, and if you see a 'Write a review' link, click on that too.

Adidas are falling behind in the Detox Challenge. Leave them a rating and review that'll encourage them to pick up the pace, and address their toxic water pollution problem. (And if you can't think of anything to say, rate other Detox comments you see as helpful, by clicking the "Yes" link beside them).

To All Adidas Managers and Employees: YOU have already been 'handicapped' in the Detox-Our-Water Race, and if Adidas' CEOs allows too large a gap- it WILL cost your jobs! 

SAVE YOUR CAREERS NOW:  "Doing Windows with Sticker-Removal" was NOT in your 'job-description'... Stand tough, Stand tall, and Stand with the 'Rainbow Warriors'!

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