'Green taxes' are voluntary!

Posted by Graham Thompson — 4 August 2014 at 4:02pm - Comments
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It's OK George, it's just the green ones.

There’s been a lot of misleading nonsense in parts of the UK press about energy bills. The Mail, in particular, have reprinted numbers which the Press Complaints Commission had already forced them to correct, then been forced to correct them again, then printed them again. Honestly. I mean, not honestly, completely dishonestly and with intent to mislead, I would imagine, but they really did that.

And the Times and the Telegraph have been more than happy to help spread the idea that rising wholesale gas prices and profiteering by the big utilities have nothing to do with rising bills – it’s all down to the Great Green Con (copyright David Rose).

Up until now, I’d have advised ignoring anything you might read in those three papers with regard to energy bills – but that all changed today.

In what must have been a coordinated effort to smear Ed Davey, the top minister at DECC, as a tax dodger, all three have published articles today inadvertently explaining that you can avoid all those pesky ‘green taxes’ just by switching away from the big six to a smaller energy supplier.

The Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail

Yes, that’s right, you can escape all the terrible financial oppression foisted on the British public by extremist eco-fascists and Stalinist Eurocrats (probably) with a simple telephone call. Bish bosh, just like that.

To be honest, I’m a bit surprised none of them mentioned this before. You’d think their poor readers, struggling with the rapacious demands of the ‘Green Blob’, would have been delighted to learn that all those ‘green taxes’ were actually voluntary and they could stop paying whenever they chose.

Still, better late than never.

But which exciting new energy competitor should you switch to?

Well, we know who to ask. And again, the Telegraph, Times & Mail all agree.

Good Energy and Ecotricity come joint first for overall customer satisfaction out of seventeen suppliers surveyed. The Big Six, unsurprisingly, fill the bottom six places with scores roughly half that of the top two.

The Times points out that whilst Good Energy and Ecotricity have the best overall ratings, Cooperative Energy actually provide the cheapest tariff.

I’m not linking to any of the companies, because Greenpeace don’t endorse or recommend any company (have a look here for some of the ideas we do support), but if you’re fed up with ‘green taxes’ on your energy bill, and you trust the press, you know what to do.

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